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You have an old truck that is essentially a lawn ornament; you don't even remember the last time it ran. Right now it is just an eyesore. You were asked by the city council to remove your junk vehicle, move your vehicle to your backyard or to build an enclosure so that the other upstanding citizens of the town will not have to lay eyes on your piece of junk. You realize that you must do something about your vehicle. The vehicle does not run, so you can't move it to your backyard very easily and there is little point in going through the trouble of building an enclosure to hoard a vehicle that will never run. It is clear that you will need to remove the junk car from your property. You realize it is scrap, but you don't feel like paying for a tow truck to haul it to a scrap yard. If you live near Costa Mesa, California, this the prime opportunity to sell your vehicle by contacting Cash for Cars Costa Mesa.

We will pay cash for your car regardless of the condition. Whether your car is a junk car that has not moved from its' patch of grass in years or a nice car that is only a few model years old, we will buy your car and pay in cash. There is not any easier way to get top dollar for your vehicle fast.

Our service is convenient. You do not have to worry about driving a vehicle to us or calling a tow truck to move a vehicle to our property. We will come to you. Our tow service is free, so if you own a car that does not run you do not have to decide if the cost of the tow is worth the amount the scrap yard would offer for the car. Also, we offer more lucrative rates. If you need a convenient way to sell your vehicle and be paid fast, our service is meant to accommodate your needs.

Sure, if you own a nicer car that runs you could take it to the dealership and get a quote. Keep in mind that dealerships are in the business of selling cars. They typically offer much less than what your car is worth so that they can turn around and slap a higher sticker price on it and sell it for a large profit margin. It is not in a dealership's best interest to give you the best rate for your car. They are in the business of making you feel pressured to by a new car. Selling a nice car to a dealership can be such a hassle because of all the ulterior motives at play.

Selling a car to a dealership is also not typically a seamless process. If you give us a call we can often purchase your vehicle that day. If you need a fair rate for your vehicle and do not want to wait around for a dealership to give you the run around, you will love our service.

There are too many things in life that are complicated. Selling your car does not have to be an agonizing transaction that requires a great deal of patience. We understand that you time is valuable and that you do not want to be hassled. If you are looking to sell your old, junk or nice car we will make the process seamless. We will give you a quote, come to your location and pay you top dollar in cash. It could not be an easier or more straightforward process. We would just like to mention that although, we are fairly close to San Diego we do not purchase vehicles there because it is out of our area. If you need to sell your car in San Diego our company suggests using a company actually located in San Diego.

If you wish to sell your car, call us to get a free quote.